"You'll shoot your eye out!"

August 1, 2017

I don't think people really intend to be as terrible as they are. I picture a couple of kids in a tree house down south betting one another that they can't hit the far off tabby cat with their uncles old plastic pump action Daisy BB gun.. or some good ol' boys having too many bud lights on the fishing boat and off on the shore is a stalking cat.whatever the case, I bet they didn't intend for Riddler that cat to get a BB wedged in his spinal cord, cutting off the signal to his back legs and forcing him to pee through a tube.Thankfully there is balance in the world and for every idiot oblivious to the suffering of others, there's at least one person with an extra dose of empathy. Some might argue, there are at least 2 good apples for every bad. Just like in that beach boys song. Riddler was rescued and brought a long way north, to The Ark,for repair. He arrived early this morning, soaked in urine from his catheter coming unhinged. The X-ray marks the spot for me to start digging. Hopefully I can find the treasure without cutting the power lines like that vacation island that went dark in North Carolina. Wish me luck.I'll keep you posted!