Yom Kippur

September 29, 2017

It was a day again today. And it it's no wonder at the end of the long week and endless month. The animals of the world must be multiplying like mad, because the schedule is overflowing and I have taken on the odor and some mannerisms of a golden retriever. The day began with my old buddy duke, with 2 new growths that luckily proved to be benign after stealing some cells with my needle (while he was distracted by easy cheese), shooting them out onto a clear glass slide, spreading them thin across the surface, staining them, adding the cover slip and increasing magnification under the microscope, more and more until I could see they're nothing to worry about.. old dogs sprout these things like potatoes left too long on the shelf...then Charlie the pup who's peeing nonstop and Zehavah for vaccines and Atticus the cat who bit me so soft it didn't even leave a mark, like a gentleman, and Roy Rodgers the beagle mix who bayed like he'd treed a trophy raccoon while I cut down his dagger nails and Akira the bangle kitten who I have fallen deeply in love with and if you find me gone it's because she and I have run off to start a life.. then gator the puppy who lived up to his name.. and my sweet old max with the tumor growing in his mouth that'd begun to bleed terribly. I gave him the medicine to help him go peacefully there in the room overflowing with his family, eyes red and full of tears and there was so much love and heart break in such a small place, your compassion could smother you.

Then lunch with the towns most skilled and beautiful drug reps, expert conversationalists, in with sushi and samples, like sirens and I'd buy anything..

Afternoon appointments began before the lunch talk ended, and it was a steady parade with Cleo, then Stu, and hogan, and moxie and Lola and Marley and tigra and wrigley and Carl, and I even had time for some light reading and a headstand contest against someone who couldn't do a headstand and to put a puppy in a shopping bag and oh crap! it's past closing time and I have to get home so we can all go to the hospital to visit my mom the accident victim invalid stuck in an adjustable bed, bruises painting her legs, too nauseas from the pain meds to eat and in too much pain to stop taking them. My two brothers and sister flown home from new York and leslie and the kids and I all drove down and sat at her bedside where she had to close her eyes from the exhaustion of low hemoglobin from hemorrhage from trauma from that split second crash.

It's the Jewish holiday, holy day, of "Yom Kippur," which means day of atonement, which means I am not allowed to eat or drink for the next 25 hours and I'm to focus on all my faults and mistakes and missteps until I'm washed clean of it all and can start this year fresh. I already ate something without thinking and screwed the whole year for myself. Crap. Happy Friday