Wild Wednesday

August 16, 2017

Another wild day!!

The morning was a series of removals.. a couple mast cell tumors from a boxer, a mammary tumor from another boxer, a broken tooth from a Swiss Mountain dog (you should see how long the root was! Surgery pictures below show the blood stained root in contrast to the small white crown). I even removed a fish from inside another fish (that was a first for me.. the video's in my last post). An emergency drop off appointment for a dog in pain, produced an X-ray that you won't believe (I'll leave you in suspense until tomorrow when i get a good picture to share). The morning ended with an emergency fit in for a cat straining in the litter box, presumed to have a blocked urethra and bladder about to burst (but luckily was only a case of bladder inflammation).The afternoon was triple booked with fit ins, a new puppy (Bernese mountain dog!), a chihuahua who loved me and another who wanted to kill me, another old timer that needed help passing away and the owners left behind full of tears.Tomorrow is booked to the brim and sure to overflow like the rest if these days. Happy Wednesday