"Where's my Vulva?"

September 19, 2017

I've decided to write a children's book.

It's a fresh take on old standards like the ugly duckling, the very hungry caterpillar, ms Nelson is missing etc.

Eh hem..

The mystery of the missing vulva

Lincoln came to the vet clinic with the ambiguous genitalia of a Ken doll.. we knew Lincoln was a girl but where was her vulva? A great hunt began and a short while later, we found it under some skin and fat all full of infection... the poor thing, hidden away for years down there, getting pissed on, never seeing the sun or hearing the birds sing.We used a special knife called a scalpel blade to resect the redundant folds of tissue, sewed her all up and Lincoln had a healthy and aesthetically pleasing vagina.

To be continued...

By ending it that way, i leave things open to the possibility of a sequel..

Addendum: Ok, let's be honest, that post was a fail.. I just needed to make myself laugh after a day of surgery and emergencies and fit in appointments.. Here are a bunch of photos to document the day. Lots of love. Happy Tuesday (how is it only Tuesday?)