What a Magical Time to be Alive

October 24, 2017


 After all this adorableness are the before and after pics of the fixing of a broken tooth. It’s the upper 4th premolar (the one used for forceful dog chomping of bones, sticks, concrete etc). How did it happen?!sometimes the bone they’re chewing is stronger than the tooth itself and the 3 rooted behemoth, biggest chomper in the mouth, splits off a slab (called a slab fracture), like ice walls breaking off a glacier, exposing the pulp chamber (which houses the artery, vein and nerve), and OUCH! This open pulp chamber acts as a highway for bacteria to colonize the new world they discover at the tip of the root (apex) and before long the bone is melting away and the thing is throbbing in pain (periapical abscess).That’s how Molly the German Shepard mix arrived today for surgery.. while she slept like a baby, I cut away the curtain of the gingiva (gum) and drilled the bone off of the buried roots and plucked the little guys out, stitched it shut and hallelujah, it’s fixed. It was just like in the movies, with blood and beeping sounds and screams of triumph when the roots came out. In an unrelated story, later in the day I sifted through some poop looking for worms. What a magical time to be alive. Happy Tuesday