Welcome to the Shorewood Zoo

September 26, 2017

The Ark was a zoo this morning. My favorite part was the spay surgery when I could close myself in surgery and do something slow and focused with no interruption and the quietest slowest music playing that the football team would beat me up for listening to if they ever found out. In the afternoon two appointments never showed up, another one canceled, and I got all of my charts written up and phone calls made and got to leave on time, gather up my pack of wild animal children and hurl them on my convalescent mother groaning in a hospital bed. It was a scene from real life, there in hospital with all those babies piled on and the pain of the whole thing gone for a minute or two. I think it was good medicine.It feels like it's always only Tuesday. Happy Tuesday. Surgery tomorrow at 7:30! We are rescuing the rocks trapped in a cat's bladder.