Twin Towers

September 11, 2017

It's September 11th and those terrorists must be happy with the help of hurricanes and wildfires and storm surges and floods and nuclear warheads with children holding their fingers to the triggers. And here in the eye of the storm, with chaos swirling all around, it's quiet and ordinary with fall coming and a thousand things taken for granted.. 

I was literally shit on today and scratched by a cat and had to say good bye to an old friend while I gave the medicine.we were 8 appointments overbooked. In the midst of the madness it was hard to appreciate all my good fortune.. But here at the end of it all, laying on the girls floor while they sleep, my shoulder dried of the tears and my wounds mended.. 

All I feel is gratitude for it all, and empathy for those in the paths and wakes of the too many disasters. Here are the pictures from the past 2 days. if you're in the midst of some tough time, or even if you're not, I hope they make you smile. 

Sending so much love. Happy Monday.