Tumors and Cysts

August 31, 2017

I spent the day singing songs to animals and listening to the stories of their owners and drawing blood and giving medicines for allergies and aspirating cells from tumors and cysts and wooing cats and giving bad news and good news and giving hugs and handshakes and hearing the sad news of an old friend and client who passed away last week shortly after his wife, both of whom were healthy when I sat at their feet on the exam room floor not too long ago. They were over eighty and in love and he told me when she passed that he couldn't live without her and he couldn't. Cassie the dog is left behind in the hands of their sorrow filled son who will no doubt find comfort in her curled at his feet. Max is a week older and the cancer in his mouth a week larger and my sad visit to his house a week closer and there couldn't be a nicer dog or family. These moments are mixed in with puppy visits and ear infractions and cats who may want to kill me and owners who are so consumed with fear of their pet's possible illness that they can't sleep or eat and quit their job and most of the visit is therapy for mom rather than exam for a dog I've poured over every inch of a thousand times before, but I'm glad to do it because I know it's helping. I leave for home smiling and tired with a feeling in my chest like the drop of a roller coaster.