The Native American Indian Dog

October 17, 2017

Seems like a redundant name. They are one of my favorite breeds and Kiya (who came to the ark today for the first time) is a damn specimen! It turns out the breed was created in the 1990’s to look like the dogs native Americans lived with way back when. But that breed is long extinct.. they’ve been gone so long they never coexisted with a camera, so we’ve got no idea what they actually looked like. This seems like a good guess though. Also, they live forever (15yrs on average), and have a cooler name than labradoodle.. I want one.You guys! Let’s be reckless and irresponsible and not listen to our wives and get a Native American Indian dog puppy and raise it at the ark! Bella can be it’s mom! This is the best idea I’ve had since getting my bed ridden mom 2 kittens. “Noah! I can not have 2 kittens! Look at me!”Who’s life isn’t better with 2 kittens. She doesn’t know what she wants.. she’ll see.It’s decided! Two kittens and a puppy! Don't try and talk me out of it!