The Lion Cut

September 27, 2017

It turns out that all mean cats need to be nice is drugs and then they're just like stuffed animals. 2 ornery and blood thirsty felines arrived early for some removals they'd not allow awake. The first was stones in the bladder, that had precipitated out of urine like the rock candy out of sugar back when we were kids (ever do that where you leave strings in sugar water and they grow crystals?? If not, you should. 

You could also use alkaline cat urine, but that's less delicious and terribly fragment) and the second needed a body's worth of matted hair shaved off to look like a lion. Both went off beautifully and were mixed in with emergency puppy coughs and my old friend Kugel the one eyed poodle needing help on his way.. I went home at lunch and took a 10min nap and took out the garbage and on the way back to work I saw a camper driving down the freeway, midway through some great adventure I'm sure, and I was tempted to board that thing at 65mph like in that movie speed, and disappear into the life of a wanderer like riding the rails. And there would no doubt be some family inside that would enjoy the company and I'd become like the goofy uncle and it could be a sitcom.. but I was in the midst of my own adventure and could not be disturbed.. so I got off at my exit and saw the afternoonfull of appointments.

 There was a hermaphroditic dog with ovaries and a penis and baby pug and max with the mouth tumor and Ralphie and Skyler and coco and scout.. then in a miracle brought about by my in-laws, my exhausting adorable children were whisked away to a kids concert and I took Leslie to the fancy French restaurant on the lake where we were married, a block from where I grew up.. and the waitress was like, "are you Dr Noah?! You took care of my little Olivia" and I felt important and we ate a number of people's hard work and it was delicious and we felt lucky and too full, and then desert on the house.. a pretty standard Wednesday. Sending lots of love. Tomorrow we're open until 7pm, get some damn sleep.