Tail Tumors

September 5, 2017

Who would have known the madness that could exist on a Tuesday. One wild visit after the other and sometimes 2 or 3 appointments running at once and all of the patients seemed in the throws of some catastrophe.. 

A 16 year old chihuahua with a hemorrhaging tumor on his tail, a cat with fractured and infected K9's and a listless, sweet old miniature schnauzer with an abdomen full of ambiguities on X-ray..all this mixed in with 2 spay surgeries and 3 puppy visits and an infected ear and on and on. The last appointment of the day was a 9 year old black lab, losing weight, reluctant to eat and lethargic. 30 seconds into my physical exam I felt the firm, and nodular, surface of the moon mass occupying the majority of her abdomen. 

The X-ray confirmed and after tears and questions and phone calls the owner (a teacher, 1 day into the school year, with her husband away on a trip and kids off at school) decided to go for the exploratory surgery... where I'll do my damnedest to remove the entirety of the tumor. 

It's scheduled for tomorrow, first thing, and added to the 4 surgeries and 10 appointments already on the books. And in an unexpected twist, there will be a film crew at The Ark all day, documenting the drama. Wish me luck.

 Happy Tuesday.