Senior Beagles Unite!

August 15, 2017

The last 2 are surgery pics, but the rest of it is pretty tame

Ever have one of those days that's just overflowing with beagles? Like you feel like every time you turn around there's another beagle? And then one of the beagles has what looks to be a magical eye like a gypsy fortune teller that can see the future, and you wonder if you're in some strange dream?.. well that's how my day was. Pretty standard.Also I removed the smallest reproductive organs from the smallest animals. They were an adorable main coon kitten and the smallest fluff of a pup you ever saw, and I forgot to take pictures of them! I'm sorry, I'm blowing it. As a consolation I did take a picture of their removed organs. Not because I'm insane, but because it's interesting to see. Isn't part of being insane, not knowing you're insane?We'll talk about it later.It was a wild day with a booked schedule and 3 fit in appointments. I am tired. see you at 7:30 for surgery. Well, 3 of you anyway. Sweet dreams. Happy Tuesday