Questionable Stains and Smells

October 23, 2017

Over the weekend I ran in “the fall 50” which is a 50 mile run going from the tip of door county peninsula all the way to the base of the thumb. You may be thinking to yourself, wow doc Noah, you ran 50 miles?! What a special and accomplished man. You would be mistaken. In truth I only ran 3 miles of it.. and I only made it a mile and a half before stopping to walk for a bit (while the elderly ran past me like the wind shaking their heads in disgust at my ineptitude). Today I feel like my legs were run over by a steam roller and my constant up and down off the floor made me scream like a man. The day had no sympathy for my compromised state and piled it on thick with wild animals. There were adorable new chihuahuas and my new favorite patient indigo the malamute (who i can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of! I was so smitten it slipped my mind) and a cat named fajita, a dog named MacGyver and sweet pea the pug dressed as a pumpkin and Mathilda the cat with an infected tooth and such a sad and peaceful goodbye for gabbi the cat who’d grown a large tumor nearly overnight.. I could go on for ever just like the day, but who has the energy? My support staff are amazing and worked their butts off and I could never do it all without them. When I got home after dark, there were Leslie and Elliot and Amelia and Sadie and Bella all so excited to see me and dinner waiting, and despite the ungodly pain in my legs and some questionable stains and smells on my shirt, life has never been so good. Happy Monday!