Puzzle Pieces

August 7, 2017

Monday was another undulating flood of sadness and joy and everything in between. There were plenty of new puppies and wellness visits but some pets that were so old and sick with problems too far gone to fix. Many were mysteries solved but some with the verdict still out, awaiting results to provide more pieces to the puzzle. BB the miracle cat continues to recover (with back legs that still don't work).Max the old Golden has a cancer proliferating like a parasite and punching holes through the bone of the mandible like rust. Thankfully he remains comfortable with dedicated owners and medications to mitigate the progression and pain. Sabertooth the cat with the deep ulcerations of tummy dermatitis is near healed after a month of meds. I played songs for captive owners (a forced audience stuck in the exam room) and French kissed a bakers dozen dogs and hugged some humans.. It was an ordinary day at the Ark which is always extraordinary. We've been at this for 6 months now and I've never been so grateful or exhausted. Sending lots of love. Happy Monday