Puppies and Pajamas

September 28, 2017

I live in a world where it's common to see 5 puppies a day and it's socially acceptable as a 35 year old supposed adult man, to sit on the floor in what are basically pajamas and slippers, and make kissing noises at baby animals. I live in a world where you hug almost everyone you meet and the conversations are all kindness and empathy and people cry and laugh and you can let your guard down. I didn't always live in this world and it was often the opposite. Not one puppy for weeks at a time. And people so quick to push your head under water to save themselves from drowning. Too fast and loud and callused and artificially flavored and neon and blaring. It took 35 years, but I managed to find just the spot I was looking for, here on the ark floor, wearing my pajamas. Come visit me because I'm never leaving. Behold, the pictures from today.