Praying to the Gods

October 10, 2017

Tuesday: the abridged version

I have prayed to a variety of gods that I don’t lose this post like the last one.. i diversified to increase my chances. Fenris the testicular tumor got moved to tomorrow to allow for another day of healing after a weekend spent sick. He arrives at 7:45 tomorrow for the big event. There was still plenty to do with Randy the Mexican pooping dog first on the docket. He was rescued from the streets of our neighbors down south and though brought into a family full of love, he still has flash backs to his sorted past when he’s stressed, and who needs a full colon weighing you down when it’s fight or flight?! So out it comes.. luckily he and I are old friends from years back when I fixed up his wonky mouth, and I no longer scare the shit out of him. Unfortunately the same isn’t true of the technicians. It’s amazing how much he had stored in there.It was all worth it though, with that painful tooth, nerve exposed, plucked out while he slept and sewn up like it never happened. That sweet nervous guy woke up with the pain finally gone and a colon cleansed like the movie stars. Hallelujah.Then we stole a uterus and some ovaries form an adorable doodle and 6 teeth from the most beautiful cat you ever saw. And oh crap! Charlie the puppy in on emergency with her left knee swollen big as the moon. Sometimes I know to go straight to X-ray and sure enough her femur was broken all the way through just above the knee. Opiates have a utility apart from enslaving and killing the masses.. they can also make Charlie’s pain manageable for a time until the knee can be cross pinned, drilled together like a piece of wood and allowed to heal. Hallelujah. A million more things happened but who can stand another story? Oh, one more you should know.. we had an extern in from the vet assistant program, she arrived bright and early and was thrown right into the mix. A couple hours in she confided in me the she initially thought I had a Scottish accent and wondered if I might be gay.. the first impression i give is of a vaguely gay Scotsman. So it goes. That’s far more interesting than my real back story so I’ll count it as a win. Ok, I’m done talking. good night. Surgery in 8 hours!