Mystery Stink

August 9, 2017

The last picture shows the final throws of a bloody eyelid surgery. I think it looks fine, but it may ruin desert if your eating cherry pie (or really of you're eating anything).

Someone fit a full month into the past 2 days and if I told you every word of it you would projectile vomit from the spinning craziness of the whole thing.. I can't remember most of it, but I recall fixing up some seriously infected mouths and ridding the world of another perfectly good uterus with ovaries still attached. There were some seriously adorable puppies and some old and one eyed, or polka dotted with cancer. I was literary shit on at one point, which I would prefer to the proverbial any day.. I examined the inside of an anus in search of a mystery stink plaguing a person's home. I found it. It was all very glamorous. BB I believe went home today (or so says the specialty clinic report).Sprout the kidney failure cat fought off the grim reaper another day, and began to eat and drink like a miracle, in what seems to be half way through her 9th life. I stole the cyst off the eyelid of an old dog while she slept. it poured red into her open eye, while I sewed it together like a shoe or anything else. the bleeding stopped and there wrapped in the blanket you'd never know it was ever there.I rode my bike home and on the paved path running alongside the city prairie and old factories, I saw 3 boys, not quite teenagers, wearing school backpacks, too full. They were walking along the train tracks and laughing like they'd never grow up.I got home and jumped on a trampoline with some kids (ones that I helped make myself) and told stories before bed and played songs to fall asleep to and wrote a post that who can make it to the end of? It all begins again so soon! Happy Wednesday