Monday Madness

September 18, 2017

It must be Monday. 3 days fit into 1 with all the weekend's catastrophes spilling over. Things began with pearl and her infected ear and thank goodness normal blood work after getting into the ibuprofen (thanks to a night in the er), then Fergus the puppy and Kiya my favorite little old jack Russell in with allergies and blood work for the elderly. And gabby to check her thyroid and jack for a nail trim and shadow for fluids and Molly the Shepard mix with the broken tooth, then Bella the "walk in" who couldn't walk in on account of a wounded knee. and how do you say no when you know how to help? 

So a knee cap popped back on track and some pain meds to brighten her day and Bella walked out. Then an emergency fit in ear infected 90 pound hound dog who licks my face but would an instant later tear it off if I reach for the otoscope. Luckily we have our ways and she left with ear meds in the ear, a shot of allergy meds in the tush, and I still had my face (though there were a couple close calls). Oh no! It's Amelia's 4th birthday party at preschool and I'm missing it. What an asshole absent father dead beat!! There's still time.I spent exactly 7 minutes singing songs and "circle time" and left before cake, back to the clinic to check on Max's X-ray that the techs took in my absence. Crap! He's got bronchitis! drugs and hugs and he's off for home and in walks the continuing ed lunch talk where the finer points of joint supplements and dermatology products are spelled out, ulcerated skin photos projected over lunch and the only free time of the day spent.

 Then Izzy and bob and Kane and Charlie, and the kitten who had no name but did have diarrhea and a small dog that furiously humped my leg while I told him no means no and to think about baseball and his urges would pass. Talk therapy is ineffective with the love sick. Then Sophie and Tully the Bernese mountain dogs, one a 100lbs beast and the other a 16 week old puppy, in with different owners and by chance at the same time in different exam rooms. I switched one with the other and made lame jokes to the owners, like "look what happened when I gave the vaccine!" Then Baxter the basset hound in for a recheck on a healing mouth, and hogan and Hugo, and another work in appointment, Jazzi the sweet old miniature Yorkie with an urgent new cough and I'm heart broken to say the X-ray showed what I suspect is a large tumor in her chest. It was a time for lots of tears.Then last but not least the most scabbed up, ulcerated dog in town, who turned out to be hopping with fleas (which I found out only after a long embrace).

26 appointments complete, then 45 minute of phone calls, and it's 6:30 and the text messages are coming in that the kids have taken over the house and reinforcements are needed.. so home to the madness of a toddler with an always full diaper and the bipolar love and tantrums of a 4 year old and 6 year old Sadie putting on plays and all the melting down energy of 3 kids at bedtime. Luckily it will be easy to fall asleep. 

Surgery begins tomorrow at 7:30am I'll keep you posted.Happy Monday.