Mellow Yellow

September 22, 2017

Today was pretty mellow. I had a triple pet appointment cancel.. and I got to have a lunch where I walked by a river and sat on a willow tree that had fallen, and read a book about seeing the the world differently, there on a branch suspended over the water and I laughed thinking about falling in. And there was a low waterfall made by a dam and there were birds singing and a plastic bottle caught in the current and graffiti on a crumbling concrete pillar. All of the pets and people were kind like you always hope they'll be, and I didn't have 1 euthanasia. Leslie and my lunatic children came to visit and at one point I went next door to "little sprouts" and played a sad song to a toddler and his mom.One low point was having audible gas while talking to a client. I shifted on my feet like, "damn theses squeaky shoes," and went on like a professional, unfazed (Don't let this be a deterrent from coming to see me as it's a relatively infrequent occurrence).When the day was over I went to the funeral of a friend and client and looked at pictures tacked up on the display board of him smiling as a kid, then another holding his grandchild when it was first born, and I hugged his wife and we remarked on the strangeness of funerals with all the mingling and small talk and laughter and tears, and though you'd rather be alone how it helps to have to keep up appearances. The week is over and the kids are asleep and I'm going to make a fire outside under the stars. Here are the pictures of the day. Happy weekend