Lucky is Lucky

September 20, 2017

The summer after my second year of vet school I spent a month way up in the woods, working at a vet clinic all day and camped out in a tent with the dog at night. It was a magical and smelly time and one story that stands out is watching the hands in the air screaming frustration of a doctor that had to remove a mouth full of infected teeth from an old dog. Pulling teeth is like pulling teeth... 

and some dogs have the sad misfortune of genetics that cause the roots of their teeth to become infected, eating away at the bone and smelling like that time a mouse died in the wall. It's painful and the gingiva is so vascular that it grabs up that horrible muck and sends it down stream to the heart and kidneys and liver and you get the point.. it's bad for you. The tough part is that the fix is hours of delicate and focused work that would test the patients of a monk, all under general anesthesia, with a whole team monitoring heart rate and breaths and blood pressure and temperature and on and on.

 Often the age of the pet, the cost of the procedure, the fear of anesthesia etc. make owners ambivalent, but this local hero owner allowed us to fix up a mouth today that needed it terribly.It was 4 hours of careful work and moderate tedium and after the last stitch was finally placed, 28 total teeth were removed (on account of being no use any longer in such a sorry state). The sweet old girl will have a whole new lease on life and be able to eat without pain, and lick your face without you fainting or contracting the plague. She also gets a night stay at the ark.

 After dinner and a walk, she's sleeping like a baby, high on drugs, with minty fresh breath. I've posted the before and after teeth pictures at the end of the roll. Beware it's kind of a site. A million other things happened today, as usual and you would give up reading if I tried to tell it all. I hope your day was good. I'm going to bed immediately. 

Happy Wednesday