Lights, Camera, Action!

September 6, 2017


As usual a million different crazy things happened and I don't know where to begin. The five different surgical patients arrived staggered 7:30to8am along with a camera crew, making a magazine and movie about the unlikely success of a moron. Sophie the dog was first, not even ten years old and suffering from a cancer taking over her abdomen. The plan was to go in surgically while her mom went to work, and have the tumor out and her all stitched up by the time mom left for home at 3:30 this afternoon. In a whisper expletives under your breath turn of events, I performed bloodwork to find CRAZY dangerous thrombocytopenia, which is a show off way of saying low platelets. Sophie's platelets were so low that she could spontaneously bleed out from a stiff breeze let alone an abdominal surgery. Surgery 1 cancelled (I'm treating her medically and will perform surgery when she's healthy enough). Surgery 2 and 3 were a puppy spay and neuter and surgery 4 and 5 were each small dogs with a small broken tooth and a marble sized cyst in the middle of their small dog back. They felt so unoriginal seeing one another in the same predicament. The difference was... as I was mid interview in my closed office with a film crew and mic stands and lights and a million cords, my mom comes running in, OAKLEY IS OUT!!!!!! Crap. Oakley the Australian labradoodle had made his escape, shawshank redemption style, bit one of the technicians, mistaking her for a jail guard, and pushed open a door and ran passed a patron walking in and shot out into the day. Some birds weren't meant to be caged.Crap.All the technicians, complete with asthma and panic attacks, went charging out full bore into the neighborhood. They found themselves huffing and puffing at a house down the block. The homeowner opened the door to check out the commotion and Oakley plowed past her into the the house, and in went the technicians, warning that Oakley is armed and dangerous. The woman backs up and explains that he's usually not aggressive. Wait, You know this dog?!Oakley had run home and was in his very own living room hiding behind his very own mom. Luckily the owner was so gracious and understanding and I was blushing and apologetic and poor Oakley had to go back into the belly of the beast for his procedure. A few minutes and some morphine later, he had a whole new view of The Ark, lazing away listening to music. Better living through chemistry.All the surgeries went wonderfully, and I went back to the interview and blabbered like a man who will only have one chance to talk and either embarrassed myself terribly or was profound and meaningful, who knows which... but with all that talking it was one of the two.Three work in emergencies and 3 back to back new puppy visits and an allergic ear infectioned Boston terrier and a photo shoot and a thousand phone calls later, I went home... and took a dog and a 3 year old in a wagon and a 35lb backpack holding a 1 year old on a mile long walk stopping at the park to chase the lunatic lemming 1 year old who climbs as high as he can then walks off the edge. I am tired and my whole body hurts, but I can't wait to do it all again tomorrow.