"Is that Ryan Braun?"

September 25, 2017

I forget every weekend and remember every Monday how lucky I am to be a part of this Ark and just how much can fit in a day. If I went through them all you'd fall asleep but as you'd imagine it was the usual mix of puppies you'd groan over and pissed off cats and owner guarding dogs, growing, and lunging at me like a "when animals attack" special (luckily it was a 15lb Bichon and I was able to fend him. off with the carpet that I picked up like a bullfighter's cape), and young and fleetingly sick and the middle aged and chronically Ill and the old and dying and the healthy and happy. My old friend Brinks (like the truck) the 200lb Spanish mastiff came by, and though fedex no longer delivers to their house for fear of the man eater, he and I had a love fest.Dez my fave cockapoo came too and Chico and rahfi and Gus and Buckley (with inflammation in his one cataract eye that I'm convinced can see the future) and buster and Lahtke and Theo and "M" and on and on. 25 in total, and 26 if you count the little clinic shrew I rehomed. Oh, and Ryan Braun walked past the window and everyone swooned because he's so young and handsome and athletic and famous on tv and I rested my hands on my love-handles and continued to bald. Also, my mom called from the hospital, high on drugs, trying to work on payroll. We told her that after 5 broken bones with a punctured lung and six hours of surgery that went near to this morning.. she was in no shape to do anything but rest. Also she violated our zero tolerance drug policy, which we have zero tolerance for. Anyway, it means that she's gotta be feeling ok, so we're grateful for that. Thanks for all of your love over the past 48hrs, it means so much to all of us (especially those reading this from a hospital bed).Tomorrow starts so soon. See you then. Happy Monday