Hometown Hero

July 28, 2017

Charlie was found by a local hero teenager, down in the brimming mountains of Appalachia. She was there rebuilding the homes of the destitute all pure hearted with eyes wide to help anything that might need helping.And there was Charley, broken jawed and beaten and tied to a shed, living on scraps, hopping with fleas and burrowed in ticks and to top it all off, 1 undescended testicle with no undergarments to hide the embarrassment.Anyway, this hero teenager somehow convinced the deadbeat owner/animal cruelter and her awesome family, that it was a good idea bring him home with her to live in the far away magical city of Milwaukee in the great wild north.Charlie acts like a combination of Tarzan come to the city and a soldier back from war, awed and flinching at every ordinary thing. He was gentle and sweet and then aggressively humped my leg.Keep your fingers crossed that he's heart worm free.I'll keep you all posted with his progress.