Help my Yelp

August 8, 2017

Anal sac expression or nail trim in exchange for a yelp review!!

Hello you beautiful people! I was just googling myself like a self involved egomaniac, and found that I only have 4 yelp reviews! Ahhh! Crap! So, in an ongoing attempt to be the vet for every animal alive.. I'm asking for your help to get the word out.Thank you in advance. I love you all.

A few friendly guidelines:

1) I have to have examined/treated your pet at The Ark at some point in the past (otherwise, how can you write a review?!).

2) It has to be an honest review! If you think I'm blowing it, tell the world! I will still express those glands like a pro.

3) You must call in advance to schedule your complimentary pet spa service.

4) When you arrive for the great event, please bring a print out of your review.

5) If you don't need any complimentary services, feel free to write a review just the same. I will not force your pet to be man handled unless you ask me to : )

Ok! Go crazy! Thanks a million times! Share with your friends!