Get Well Kittens

October 2, 2017

You guys, it’s Monday again. How does this keep happening?! Every 7 days.. a million things happened again like last time. Bo the Rottweiler puppy had unexplained copious drinking, urine leaking, vomiting and elevated white blood cell count, a client brought me a small shimmering gold toilet to help me realize my dream of my own private bathroom, a bakers dozen puppies paraded in and out, I rescued a spider from certain death (There is balance in the world because, while I can’t bring myself to kill a spider, somebody else thought it was ok to kill all those people, spraying bullets out his hotel window). Tom Petty couldn’t take the sad world for another second and his heart just stopped altogether. It makes a person scared for tomorrow. In happier news, kittens are still adorable and solve all of our problems.. the one pictured at the bottom of the roll is my get well present to my fractured mom. She’s been home from the hospital for 2 hours and is looking better by the moment. See you tomorrow for what no doubt will be a happier day.