September 15, 2017

It's Friday again and if we're reading or writing this we must have survived the week. So that's a plus. Highlights included curing a number of cases of the dreaded butt worm as well as removing some cancerous masses and stapling together a bakers dozen wounds and giving so many miracle, allergy fixing shots, that we may have created a national shortage. Lowlights included a variety of very bad smells, a couple of new war wounds and the inevitable animals that were too old or far gone to fix.. In the end the scales were tipped toward the good so I won't complain. I hope your week was just as fine.I also hope you win the lottery over the weekend and decide to take that trip to Alaska you always wanted to take, and call me up and invite me along, because what are the chances I predicted it? And we decide to take a road trip rather than fly.. and find a stray dog along the way that becomes our best and most loyal friend and we see the northern lights for the fist time and sleep outside at night by a fire and feel like it felt when we were young.