Conversations with a Husky Puppy

July 31, 2017

Conversations With a Dog

"Hey you guys! I'm here for my husky puppy penis infection! I've never felt more alive!"

Listen little guy, slow your roll. This is serious's called balanpothtitis and it happens to even the most well kempt canines.. 

you see, there is a blind pocket called a diverticulum that exist between your prepuce and glans-penis.. aka, between your foreskin and your penis.. aka between your stuff and your stuff...

 because you're a dog, that pocket goes the full length of your what-not, and creates the best bacteria home there ever was. This is where movie star bacteria vacation..

 "Where do they all come from, doctor?!

"I'm glad you asked... most likely making the long and treacherous journey from their often inhospitable motherland of the anus.

 I have to visit both places daily and don't see the appeal. To each their own.Those elite voyager bacteria make a whole grand family, like colonizing the Americas, stripping the land of it's riches and spreading disease. Have you seen Pocahontas?

What I'm trying to tell you, Balto, is that your penis infection is nothing to be so excited about.

"Can you heal me doc? I'm too young!!"

That's the good news! We will flush out that prepuce (like a tsunami for those unfortunate vacationers) infuse some medicated goo and get you back in the game. Your penis will be spared! I do have some unfortunate news about your testicles though... 

we'll save that talk for another day.

"I love you Dr. Noah"

I love you husky puppy