Battle Wounds

September 13, 2017

Another day in the life

So much happened today. Surgeries and dental cleanings and mass removals and neuters and allergy and itch and skin infections and new kittens and an old friend from high school I hadn't seen in too long with his award winning frechie, Francis (he and I have a longstanding love affair. the dog and I that is), leapt at me with such a forceful gaping open mouth kiss, that he drew blood, crashing tooth first into the bridge of my nose, and slobber covered me like a pie in the face.

 It was a joyful time. The day had a sad end, with Sophie the old lab from last week, (remember, with the low platelets?), in today with her splenic tumor ruptured and an abdomen full of blood and her owners heartbroken and not ready to say goodbye but knowing they had to. It was peaceful and dignified, with her family by her side and all you could hope for as anyone so sick and near the end.

 Sophie was so sweet and gentle and tolerant of all my poking and prodding and it made it all the more difficult to give her the medicine to help her pass.Then my bike ride home to process it all and in the door and an onslaught of children like when a dad comes home in the movies. dinner with the whole crew and a long walk with Elliot the 1 year old in a hiking backpack holding a stuffed elephant and Bella the sled dog pulling us down the road, onlookers in their cars wide eyed at the scene of it. Songs while the kids fell asleep and now this; i will be asleep 39 seconds from now. Tomorrow is our late day, open till 7pm and sure to be a wild one. 

I'll keep you posted. Happy Wednesday