A Well Run Dry

August 11, 2017

Another week still afloat. Doesn't it feel like treading water sometimes?? An old client of mine moved to Washington DC with their pups. He said he was so excited to find a vet that he described as being "just like you, Dr. Noah." One week after their first visit, that vet committed suicide. He was 32. Self euthanasia It's so ingrained in our veterinary brains, the kindness of death as a treatment for protracted suffering. There is an epidemic of "compassion fatigue" amongst our kind. Being too kind, too often, until there's nothing left. A well run dry. Nothing left for yourself, no compassion for your shortcomings, no understanding for the imperfection of being so human. Be kind to your vet. This is not an easy job. Sending lots of love to you all.Happy Friday