$6k BB

August 3, 2017

BB update

The ultra geniuses at the specialty clinic with futuristic machines called ct scanners (or cat scans more aptly), surmised that that the bb was indeed in BB's spine and compressing the nerve. What they did not expect was that her vision and forelimbs (arms) would soon join the list of malfunctioning parts. And you see, that bb should only be effecting BB downstream of the bb.. the only explanation was that that little metal ball, while passing so fast through the air and hair and flesh and bone and blood vessels and blah blah blah, picked up some stowaway bacteria, and delivered them straight into the sterile channel of the spinal cord and meninges and contaminated the river of cerebrospinal fluid (which flows upstream). I was so sad to hear that this likely infection of the meninges (meningitis) made BB's prognosis more guarded and put the surgery at a lower likelihood of fixing things.With things looking grim and a $6k surgery less than 50% likely to save the day, euthanasia was the most reasonable option.You forget that we are not reasonable people and are ruled wildly by our bleeding hearts.And so, BB went to surgery in the capable hands of a board certified genius, who so skillfully removed the top of the jewelry box of vertebrae that held the bb and plucked the little menace out and plunked it into a metal bowl (just like I'd hoped to do on my failed attempt). The little girl is out of surgery and stable and recovering. The spinal fluid is off to the lab for culture and for now she's taking a special antibiotic that can penetrate something called the blood brain barrier (BBB) and reach her infected central nervous system.. bb, BB, BBB.I'll keep you all posted!