12 Years of Marriage

August 28, 2017

I'm back!!

P.s there's a video at the very end of the roll that will make you barf

I was in the wild north for a week and a day or 2, swimming in the lake under the sky, wading knee deep in the water with a 1 year old seeing the world naked and new. The sun was eclipsed and there was a hurricane far away and I dreamed every night I was at the ark.

This morning i didn't need to dream it anymore, back on my rug on the floor, where I belong, listening to hearts and smelling ears and staining eyes and scratching that perfect spot and on and on.

There were 26 appointments and just as many phone calls and all in 9 hours with a short break for a "no show." Half a dozen new puppies and kittens and old dogs with infected eyes and young cats with inflamed bladders and work ins with hurt forelimbs and a Bichon that drank a whole lake and peed a river and one young pup who ate a poisonous grape (I gave that guy a drug called apomorphine intravenously and he puked in slow mo for you in the video below).

When the day was over, Leslie picked me up with a picnic dinner and we walked to our wedding site where we were married 12 years ago today.

I'm glad to be home.

Happy Monday